Graphology At Home-lesson 21- Draw Someone-h-n

?Homoerotic conflict: hands extended behind back in 鎼峳ivate?area.
?Homoerotic tendency: high heels on male, male subject.
?Homosexuality: eyes and lashes large.
?Homosexuality/sexual identification conflict/strong attachment to or dependency upon parent of opposite sex: drawing opposite sex first.
?Hostility: jagged lines.
?Hostility toward women, expressed overtly: witches.
?Hysteric tendency: fading lines in formation of body.
?Hysterical/problem in control of anger or of primitive drives/schizoid tendency: long neck.

?Identification with parent of same sex: older figure than subject.
?Immaturity/lack of impulse control/regression: omission of neck.
?Immaturity/masturbatory fixation: yo-yo.
?Impotence/virility wish: long nose.
?Impotency/involutional resistance to sexual decline/virility striving: cane.
?Improved prognosis for successful treatment of obesity: obese subject who draws slim figure.
?Impulsive behavior: short strokes.
?Impulsive/unstable: fluctuating pressure.
?Inadequacy with compensatory fantasy: overemphasized features.
?Inadequate virility: sparse, unpressured hair.
?Indecision/self-dissatisfaction: excessive erasures.
?Infantile or repressed sex drives, sensuality or sensual needs: hair emphasis.
?Infantile social behavior: childlike features.
?Inhibition/lack of drive: figures read here seated.
?Inhibition/repression: long, thin neck.
?Insecurity: ground line, facial expression placating.
?Introversion/isolation: right-to-left strokes.
?Involutional impotency: foot of male emphasized.
?Involutional melancholia/sexual impotency: large nose.

?Judgment (poor): head and legs, profile, full-faced trunk.

?Lack of achievement: thin, weak arms.
?Lack of ambition: short arms.
?Lack of closeness in family situation: figures far apart when drawing family, compartmentalization.
?Lack of confidence in productivity or social contact: dim hands; apologetic of drawing.

?Manic-schizophrenic/somatic delusions: organs shown (internal anatomy).
?Masculine assertion or need for it: strong nose.
?Masculine striving/sexual inadequacy: tie.
?Masculine striving/sexual role confusion: Adam鎶?apple.
?Masculine tendency: angular or squared trunk.
?Masturbation guilt: finger omitted or over-extended.
?Maternal dependence/somatic pre-occupation: button in midline.
?Maternal figure: skirt ankle length on female (male subject). Maternal figure regarded as rejecting, unloving, and unsupportive: hands omitted on female figure.
?Maternal figure unnurturing: small chest.
?Maternal (protective) figure wished for: long arms; hands; prominent female figure (male subject).
?Mental retardation: confusion of full face and profile (profile of forehead and nose, full face, eyes and mouth).

?Narcissism/possible homosexual tendency: hair given much attention.
?Need for affection/nurturing warmth: sun added when asked to draw person.
?Need for autonomy: long and share this site powerful arms and long legs.
?Need for defensive intellectual control: neck emphasis.
?Need for emotional security and warmth: fireplace (alight) before figure.
?Need for greater status and recognition than subject feels he possesses: uniform of cowboy or soldier on male figure of male subject.
?Need for support or help: fence to lean on, ground line.